ExeonTrace secures your logistic and transportation network

The average cost of a data breach in the transportation industry is $3.59 million (2022)

Industry 4.0 offers outstanding growth opportunities and increases competitive advantage across the logistics and transportation sector. Digitally automated and optimised processes multiply productivity, provide transparent supply chain and real-time delivery for a growing number of customers.

As technology advances, security becomes crucial. Technology outages potentially lead to massive costs and reputation damages - especially for logistic and transportation companies providing just-in-time delivery. Prompt malware detection and continuous network monitoring are therefore required as an efficient response to potential breaches.

Industry leaders of the logistics and transportation sector build on ExeonTrace because:
Industry leaders of the logistics and transportation sector build on ExeonTrace because:

A future-proof Network Detection & Response solution like ExeonTrace ensures fast threat detection and thus business continuity across all corporate locations and assets.

ExeonTrace allows an easy surveillance of distributed networks as no additional hardware is required
ExeonTrace is deployed on a very short notice, allowing for immediate visibility, detection and response
ExeonTrace’s intuitive interface makes its operations highly effective

Logistic and transportation focus

Operating cost-efficiently

Transport fleet investitions, its maintenance and fuel are some of the relevant cost drivers of logistics & transportation companies. However, technology can help to optimise the business: Digital monitoring of fleets and machines, proactive maintenance, quality issues anticipation and planning the most effective delivery route support logistics and transportation providers in running their operations as efficiently as possible. This increased use of technology also puts the companies at risk for cyber attacks and make it necessary to protect the assets with future-proof monitoring tools.

Customer Experience

Digitisation has taken the customer experience of logistics & transportation clients to another level. It allows them to follow the delivery of their goods across all involved steps in real-time. However, the customer experience gain also comes with additional data that are processed. And those confidential customer-related data need the maximum of protection. Thus, not only preventing cyber attacks but also detecting them immediately in case of success needs to be a substantial cornerstone of logistics & transportation suppliers.

Reverse logistics

Offering reverse logistics becomes increasingly important across the logistics & transportation sector. Whether it refers to returns from e-commerce or retail, this process must connect the customer and vendor in a straightforward way. Logistics 4.0 offers an efficient solution for this process as it connects many parties, but going digital in this process also digs holes in cyber security systems.

Decentralised networks

Logistic & transportation operations are often spread across many locations in different countries or even across continents. This makes the preventive and detective protection of those networks very challenging. This is where a pure software-based Network Detection & Response solution as ExeonTrace comes into play as the easy, hardware-free set-up facilitates onboarding as well as the continuous operations of the system.

Why ExeonTrace

Rapid Deployment

Software-based. No sensors or agents needed. Ready in hours.

Total Visibility

Through the integration of ExonTrace all sites and networks can be monitored. With the Algorithm-driven threat scoring, the network is constantly monitored and advanced attacks are immediately reported by an alert.

Vigorous Detection

Powerful AI and proven algorithms, based on over a decade of research at ETH Zürich.

Effective Response

Quick threat assessment, investigation & hunting.

Clever Data Handling

Flow data collection (NetFlow) from different locations distributed all over the world. Using NetFlow data makes the solution very lightweight, reducing the bandwidth needed for the analysis.


Ready for ever-increasing network traffic and encryption.

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As CEO and owner of a fast moving logistics company, I cannot afford any system interruptions due to cyber incidents. With ExeonTrace, we have found a Swiss solution to monitor our network and quickly detect cyber threats.

Nils Planzer CEO & Owner Planzer
Nils Planzer