ExeonTrace helps better secure distributed networks and critical infrastructure

The average cost of a data breach in the energy industry is $4.72 million (2022)

The energy and utility industry is poised to face sophisticated cyber attacks from various actors, including state-sponsored industrial espionage. It is now therefore vital to protect distributed networks across various locations and critical infrastructure to ensure uninterrupted service and business continuity.

Increasingly sophisticated cyberattacks on the energy and utility sector also threaten the safety and security of personnel. These advanced threats also endanger the long-term future of major utility infrastructure across the continent. It is now critical to achieve complete visibility across all networks and monitor them in real-time. This approach provides opportunities to detect and mitigate threats before any real damage is done. 

Industry-leading energy and utility providers rely on ExeonTrace as:
Industry-leading energy and utility providers rely on ExeonTrace as:

With ExeonTrace, the energy and utility sector can identify and respond to hidden threats immediately. ExeonTrace helps avert potential disruptions and fortifies your infrastructure.  

No additional hardware is needed, allowing for a straight forward integration of multiple networks
ExeonTrace is deployed and operated in a highly efficient way and therefore immediately fortifies critical infrastructure
ExeonTrace complies with specific regulations in the energy and utility sector

Energy and Utility focus

Securing the grid and critical infrastructure

Securing the grid and other critical infrastructure is vital to keep the lights on. Already a minor disruption can significantly impact the economy and overall stability of society. However, this becomes increasingly challenging when you factor in intelligent devices like smart meters that connect to the grid to optimise energy by better understanding user requirements but also create new entry points into the networks for attackers.

AI, automation, and privacy

Industry 4.0 concentrates on leveraging multiple technologies to streamline processes. This includes big data, cloud computing, artificial intelligence (AI), and robotics. However, these approaches increase the risk exposure significantly. As automation-driven AI and machine learning algorithms capture sensitive user data, it creates new privacy and regulatory compliance concerns.

IoT and cyber-physical attacks

The Internet of Things (IoT), like wireless sensor networks along with industrial control systems, increases the sector's exposure to risk exponentially. This is because these systems are based on cyber-physical solutions that enable physical control using digital methods. Remote management of industrial control units using multiple endpoints creates an interwoven threat matrix with significantly more attack vectors. As we continue to make more points of entry, the risk of failure is paramount. To avoid data breaches, espionage, and physical damage, the industry must incorporate a next-generation NDR solution to secure critical infrastructure proactively.

Securing the supply chain

The energy and utility industry leverages a complex community of suppliers to enable uninterrupted services. However, the increasing use of hyper-connected services across the supply chain adds significant complexity. This makes it crucial to stay alert to hidden threats to mitigate the risk brought in by original equipment manufacturers, third-party vendors, and more.

Why ExeonTrace

Rapid Deployment

Software-based. No sensors or agents needed. Ready in hours.

Total Visibility

Through the integration of ExonTrace all sites and networks can be monitored. With the Algorithm-driven threat scoring, the network is constantly monitored and advanced attacks are immediately reported by an alert.

Vigorous Detection

Powerful AI and proven algorithms, based on over a decade of research at ETH Zürich.

Effective Response

Quick threat assessment, investigation & hunting.

Clever Data Handling

Flow data collection (NetFlow) from different locations distributed all over the world. Using NetFlow data makes the solution very lightweight, reducing the bandwidth needed for the analysis.


Ready for ever-increasing network traffic and encryption.

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As CEO and owner of a fast moving logistics company, I cannot afford any system interruptions due to cyber incidents. With ExeonTrace, we have found a Swiss solution to monitor our network and quickly detect cyber threats.

Nils Planzer CEO & Owner Planzer
Nils Planzer