CISO Challenge #12

I don’t know whether I can trust the third-party applications in my network

Recent supply chain attacks (Sunburst, Microsoft or Kaseya) have shown how vulnerable enterprises are at these third-party providers – opening doors into corporate networks.

Exeon’s approach

All network traffic is analysed – including third-party applications

Benefits for CISOs and security teams

Complete transparency on the complete network

Future-proof NDR

ExeonTrace gets log data from many collection points

Instead of getting the data only from core switches, ExeonTrace integrates log data from many and distributed collection points, which results in detailed visibility and superior analytics.

Other challenges you might have:

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Main benefits of ExeonTrace

Comprehensive Visibility

Visibility into your IT network to identify weaknesses before they are exploited by attackers (exposed services, shadow IT, insecure and risky communication etc.)

No traffic mirroring

Algorithms are analysing light-weight network log data

Reduced SOC workload

Ready-made use cases and ML models, automated cross-data correlation and intuitive visualisations make the SOC work more effective and efficient

Not affected by encryption

Metadata analysis is unaffected by network data encryption