CISO Challenge #2

Network traffic encryption makes my tools, which rely on deep packet inspection, become blind

The increasingly encrypted network traffic poses a significant challenge for security tools that rely on deep packet inspection. And the trend is clear – the proportion of encrypted traffic will only rise in the future.

Exeon’s approach

ExeonTrace works with algorithms that analyse meta data (NetFlow)
These algorithms, which are based on Exeon’s research at ETH Zurich – one of Europe’s leading high-tech universities – are unaffected by traffic encryption
The log data come from firewalls, virtual/physical switches (NetFlow, IPFIX), DNS, secure web gateways, clouds (Azure, Google, AWS)

Benefits for CISOs and security teams

Existing infrastructure is leveraged, no need for additional appliances
High alert accuracy (our meta data-based algorithms regularly outperform packet inspection-based competitors)
No blind spots in the network

Future-proof NDR approach

ExeonTrace’s future-proof approach is based on metadata analysis and therefore does not require any traffic mirroring. ExeonTrace’s algorithms are especially built for the analysis of encrypted data which cannot be analysed with traditional NDR solutions.

Other challenges you might have:

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Main benefits of ExeonTrace

Comprehensive Visibility

Visibility into your IT network to identify weaknesses before they are exploited by attackers (exposed services, shadow IT, insecure and risky communication etc.)

No traffic mirroring

Algorithms are analysing light-weight network log data

Reduced SOC workload

Ready-made use cases and ML models, automated cross-data correlation and intuitive visualisations make the SOC work more effective and efficient

Not affected by encryption

Metadata analysis is unaffected by network data encryption